We proudly offer several popular infusion therapy options to keep you feeling great this Fall:

  • Myers' Cocktail can help improve your mood and energy; boost immunity against Cold and Flu; and alleviate pain associated with fibromyalgia, migraines, and muscle spasms.
  • The Immunity Booster prevents infection and promotes overall healing, shortening the duration of cold, flu, and cold sores, and improving energy.
  • Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that detoxifies and supports immunity against infection and disease, as well as revving your metabolism and improving the appearance of your skin.
  • Vitamin B can give you more energy and better sleep. It can also improve mood and mental clarity, and reduce stress and anxiety. Ask us about adding Magnesium for added benefits.
  • Inositol offers relief from panic and anxiety, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is also known to help with depression and improve mood.
  • IV Hydration will help restore & rehydrate, alleviating symptoms associated with fatigue and jet lag.

Infusion gives the body a natural boost in antioxidants and vitamins, creating many amazing benefits. Call today to see which will work best for you.

Fall Features: Myers'Cocktail and Glutathione Infusion
alcohol dependence

 Alcohol dependence can develop and take over your life if you're not careful about the choices you make. In the U.S., 1 in 13 adults develops alcohol problems in their youth, which can lead to other substance abuse issues, according to the American Addiction Center.

Sobriety might be hard to achieve but plenty of people have recovered from alcohol dependency through addiction treatment in Minneapolis. Since the number of people seeking treatment for alcoholism is far lower than those with issues, it is best to curb the problem before it turns serious.

Here are some tips from experts at our addiction clinic, Minneapolis for how to avoid developing alcohol dependence.

1. Be aware of your limits.

If you occasionally drink, learn your limits. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, low-risk drinking is qualified as 7 drinks per week in women and 14 drinks per week in men, while moderate drinking is one (women) to two (men) drinks a day.  You've reached your limit if your blood alcohol level (BAC) goes beyond 0.08 g/dL, which is typically about 4 consecutive drinks in women, or 5 consecutive drinks in men.

2. Don't stock up on alcohol in your house.

Don't put alcohol within your reach by filling your fridge with it. You'll easily fall into the habit of drinking every day if you keep a well-stocked liquor cabinet. If you keep alcohol out of your house then it will be easier for you to avoid drinking. If you've had a party and there are leftover bottles or cans, give them to your friends or empty them down the drain instead of keeping them at home. 

3. Say no to your peers.

Politely refuse when you're offered a bottle of alcohol. You have the right to not give in to peer pressure and, if necessary, avoid the people that encourage you to drink when you're curbing the habit. Being around people who drink can push you to behave recklessly and go over your limits. Choose to go with friends who do not drink as much, or don't drink at all, making you less likely to be consuming alcohol. 

Steer clear of places that may encourage you to drink, such as bars. If it’s a holiday or a celebration, you can still refuse the bottle or set a limit for yourself. 

4. Never drown your feelings in alcohol.

Alcohol dependency may sometimes develop when your reasons for drinking are emotional, like depression, loneliness, stress or boredom. This substance is a depressant that can slow down the brain function and alter your mood.

But, the more you drink to ease your problems, the more you're impairing your senses and ability to make sound decisions. If you have all these negative feelings, find other ways to manage stress, such as talking to a therapist, or cultivating a hobby, or simply opening up to a confidant.

Abusing alcohol can lead to short and long-term effects in your body and for some, it may be too late to be fully corrected. Cutting back on drinking doesn’t have to be complicated and it starts with the will and the conscious effort to do so.

Valley Medical and Wellness – the best addiction clinic in Minneapolis

Here, at our addiction clinic in Minneapolis & Burnsville, we provide innovative and comprehensive addiction therapy. We are dedicated to healing your mind, body, and spirit, and helping you stay motivated to change. All this while empowering you to create a happier and healthier life for yourself.

With our addiction treatment programs, severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be minimized, allowing you to gain greater mental clarity, so you can fully commit to your addiction treatment in Minneapolis.

Call us today to find out about your treatment options, or to schedule an appointment with our addiction doctor in Minneapolis. You can speak to all members of our staff in confidence. We value your privacy.

The material contained on this site is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE, and is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical judgment, advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.

The opioid epidemic presents a major problem in our communities, but what is the problem exactly? Before any problem can be managed, it must first be understood. Valley Medical and Wellness (VMW) is focused on bringing a thoughtful approach to dealing with the people in our communities afflicted with pain and chemical dependence.

Understanding the problem with using opioids means knowing the risks and benefits associated with them. Treatment with opioids poses many risks including slowed responses, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and coma, all of which are potentially fatal. 

Opioids - a solution to chronic pain?

Chronic opioid abuse commonly leads to depressed moods, deteriorating relationships, and difficulty holding down jobs. However, despite the potential risks, for many people opioids represent a solution to pain that other treatments cannot alleviate. It has been shown that the benefits of opioids have a place in healthcare for patients who have exhausted all other treatments options. Furthermore, when patients are unable to find effective care for chronic pain, it is problematic for our communities as they may resort to self-treating their pain by unsafe and possibly illegal means. 

Why choose Valley Medical & Wellness?

As a pain and addiction clinic, Valley Medical & Wellness specializes in safely prescribing and closely monitoring opioid use in their patients to avoid harmful side effects, prevent abuse, and give pain relief to patients so they can focus their work, family, and personal wellbeing. For patients dealing with chemical dependence, VMW offers medication assisted treatment utilizing medications such as Buprenorphine and Naltrexone to help stabilize cravings and withdrawals while still addressing their pain needs. VMW also provides additional resources for medication education, counseling, and wellness for patients and their families. 

When caring for chronic pain and chemical dependence, VMW starts by understanding the patient’s goals, and then administering a plan with achievable steps to meet them. VMW is committed to helping patients through each phase of their treatment plan by offering extended hours at three convenient locations in the twin cities area (Minneapolis, Burnsville and Woodbury), along with assisting patients with navigating their commercial, state, and federal healthcare plans. They also assist patients in gaining insurance coverage through their county and finding plans which align with their economic and medication needs. 

By focusing on the whole patient, VMW combats the opioid crisis in our area by bringing balance back into the lives of those suffering from these difficult conditions, allowing them to become active and thriving members of their community!


Valley Medical & Wellness - Further Information

If you have any additional questions or you would like to find out more about our available services, including pain management options, addiction medicine and wellness in Minneapolis, Burnsville or Woodbury, please contact us by calling at (612) 444-3000.

Schedule an appointment today by filling out our pain form and let us provide you with our customized care.


Stay Tuned for International Overdose Awareness Day (August 31, 2019) and National Recovery Month (September 2019)!

Authors: Jerald Mackey and Kate Cummings

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Valley Medical Supports NPH Cinco de Mayo 5k Run

Valley Medical and Wellness staff volunteered and participated in the annual NPH Cinco de Mayo 5k on Saturday, May 4th, to support children in poverty from Central and Latin America. NPH (Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos) USA translates to “little brothers and little sisters” in Spanish, which supports nearly 3,100 non-privileged children in Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru. VMW has been a proud sponsor of NPH USA for the past year and a half, participating in multiple events such as the Cinco de Mayo 5K, Masquerade Ball, and the Viva la Familia Gala. All proceeds from the events go towards education and healthcare for the children.

For more information please visit www.nphusa.org. >

DEA National Prescription Takeback Day - Saturday April 27th, 10am-2pm - deatakeback.com

Saturday, April 27, 2019 | 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Eastern Time

Unused or expired prescription medications are a public safety issue, and can lead to accidental poisoning, overdose, and abuse. Unused prescriptions thrown in the trash can be retrieved and abused or illegally sold. The misuse and abuse of over-the-counter medications, illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco affect the health and well-being of millions of Americans.

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Eastern Time, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), in partnership with federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement, businesses, medical offices, agencies, and first responders, will host events to collect and safely dispose of unwanted medications.

Removing unwanted or expired medications from the medicine cabinet is an easy and concrete step that everyone can take to make a difference in the opioid crisis. Make plans to dispose of unused and unwanted medications during DEA National Rx Take Back Day.

more info at deatakeback.com >

find a collection site >

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We're very proud and excited to announce that VPRWC is now Valley Medical & Wellness. Our caring team remains the same, as well as the great service you have come to know and expect from us. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Valley Wellness wishes you and your family a safe & happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Valley Wellness has been featured in an article on Fairview Physician Associates Network News, highlighting the challenges of managing opioid addiction and pregnancy.

view article on fpanetwork.org >

Toward more happy beginnings: Managing opioid addiction and pregnancy

New Fairview Health Network practice establishes record of successful deliveries

Katie Yanez, 28, delivered two healthy boys before she became addicted to Percocet® prescribed to treat severe migraines. Unhappy in her marriage, Katie started using heroin. The next few years became a downward spiral. Her marriage ended, methadone treatment proved ineffective, and Katie ended up in jail.

While she was incarcerated, Katie’s second husband found Valley Pain Relief & Wellness Center (Valley Wellness), a new member of Fairview’s provider network, Fairview Health Network. 

Katie is among the 11,131 people statewide who entered treatment either for prescription opioids or heroin addiction in 2017, according to preliminary data from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Research shows that only 10 to 17 percent of people who need treatment, get it. 

Last year, 376 women who sought treatment for opioid addiction in Minnesota were pregnant. While in treatment for her addiction, Katie became pregnant with her third child.

A doable challenge

The three providers at Valley Wellness know first-hand that treating pregnant women with opioid addiction presents unique challenges. But the story can have a happy ending—and a happy beginning. 

With locations in Burnsville and Minneapolis, Valley Wellness is one of the few clinics in Minnesota to offer Suboxone® treatment. Suboxone contains buprenorphine combined with naloxone. Suboxone can control opioid effects and cravings, while allowing the patient to taper off the medication without symptoms of withdrawal. 

In addition to Valley Wellness, network prenatal addiction care services include a new partnership between St. Joseph’s hospital and University of Minnesota Physicians. The program launched in January. 

When Katie became pregnant, she had been a patient at Valley Wellness since June 2016. At that time she transitioned from Suboxone to buprenorphine because there is limited data on the safety of naloxone when used during pregnancy.

“Nearly 50 percent of our patients come to us for addiction medicine,” says Ashwin George, MD, Addiction Medical Director at Valley Wellness and a Diplomat of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. 

On July 24, 2017 Katie delivered Noah via C-section. Valley Wellness’ Svetlana Zaydman, DO, board certified both in physical medicine/rehabilitation and pain medicine, coordinated Katie’s care with her obstetrician. 

Successful treatment requires careful monitoring

“Communication with the ObGyn in each trimester ensures we’re all on the same page,” says Zaydman. “In Katie’s situation, we allowed Dilaudid® during labor if needed, and I approved low dose oxycodone for a few days following surgery.” 

Most babies like Noah are born dependent on buprenorphine and must stay in the hospital for a few days after the mother goes home. Thanks to Katie’s managed treatment, however, Noah did not suffer from withdrawal and Katie was able to breastfeed him. 

“The amount of buprenorhine in breast milk is insignificant,” says Lindsay Bergstreser, PA-C, one of Katie’s Valley Wellness providers. 

“The drug is not absorbed from the stomach effectively, so any little amount that makes it into Noah’s stomach won’t absorb well into his system,” she says. 


Katie is among a growing number of women who have successfully delivered or who currently are pregnant and in treatment at the clinic. George attributes success to close communication with the ObGyn provider and very careful monitoring. 

“We see our pregnant patients weekly during their first trimester, then once every two weeks thereafter," he says.

As he approaches his first birthday, Noah and his family are thriving. Katie and her husband recently bought a home, and Katie is tapering down on buprenorphine.

“Noah now weighs 20 pounds and I am more than just happy, I’m proud,” says Katie.

VPRWC proudly announces the addition of two new locations, opening this fall, in Woodbury and Rochester. Offering pain and addiction services, the new clinics will serve all patients. Additional details will follow; check back for more information.

We are now open and seeing patients for pain and addiction services at our second location in Minneapolis. Just south of I-94, it is conveniently located on Franklin Avenue in the Seward neighborhood.

VPRWC is proud to announce our second location in Minneapolis is opening soon. Offering pain and addiction services, the new clinic will be open to all patients. Additional details are coming soon.

We are now scheduling patients, so call our Burnsville office at (612) 444-3000 today!

Be fearless and stay healthy this winter with immunity boosting infusion.

Myers' Cocktail:

  • Increases Immunity
  • Improves Fatigue, Mood, & Migraines
  • Alleviates Symptoms of Fybromyalgia, Asthma, & Allergies

Immunity Booster:

  • Prevents Infection
  • Promotes Healing
  • Shortens Duration of Cold, Flu, & Cold Sores
  • Improves Energy

Call today to learn more.

Immunity Boosters

Valley Pain Relief and Wellness Center proudly welcomes Lindsay Bergstreser, PA-C, to our pain management team. Click below to learn more about Lindsay.

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You are invited to our Open House! Join us 4-7pm on Wednesday, 7/30 for refreshments at our office in Burnsville. Meet physicians Svetlana Zaydman, DO, and Ashwin George, MD, as well as our staff and neighbors. Come and learn about our Pain Management and Addiction Medicine services, our Wellness Center, and what we can do for you.  Click the image below to view full invitation.  We look forward to meeting you!

Open House Invitation

Valley Pain Relief & Wellness Center has been featured in the Burnsville - Eagan community newspaper Sun Thisweek. Click below to read article at sunthisweek.com.

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Opening May 2014 is the Twin Cities’ first south metro clinic to provide care for both addiction medicine and pain management. Located in a quiet and convenient space just off of Highway 13 in Burnsville, Valley Pain Relief and Wellness Center offers easy access along with individualized and confidential care for those suffering from pain and addiction.